Friday, April 1, 2011

How Can You Improve Web Cam FPS (frames per second)?

To say that video calls and video conferencing are on the rise is a huge understatement. Today alone, more than 405 million people have Skype accounts. I can attest to this boom, because I too have become an avid Skype user. The question I hear many people asking is, “How can I improve web cam FPS?” Two major determining factors to take into consideration:

  1. Computer hardware •Computer hardware is obvious, but should always be considered when evaluating FPS. Your CPU (processor speed), video card, memory and Web cam will all have a major impact on FPS. A computer with a faster CPU, a higher-end video card, more memory and an HD Web cam is going to perform better than a similar computer with inferior components. These are all upgradeable components, but the cheapest thing to do would be to upgrade to an HD Web cam.

  2. Available bandwidth • You should always take into consideration the available bandwidth. This is always a major factor and will have drastic effects on FPS. A computer operating on a dedicated T1 is going to have a much higher FPS than one connected through a dial-up modem. Always make sure you have the maximum available bandwidth to achieve optimal FPS.
Luckily, there are some other minor ways to improve your video call/conference that will not cost you a dime!

  1. One factor that laptop users may not always think about is power source. If you are using your laptop, you should always make sure you are plugged into an outlet/power. This is one factor that many people may overlook, because it is not obvious. Typical laptop default settings are usually set to conserve battery life when the laptop is not plugged into an outlet. One of the ways this is achieved is by limiting CPU power, which will have a detrimental effect on FPS. If you are operating a desktop computer, this should not be an issue. Otherwise, always be plugged into an outlet.

  2. Always clear the cache in your Internet browser. This will help “clean-up” your computer so it will run more efficiently.

  3. Use a direct connection to the router you are using via your Ethernet port, versus connecting wirelessly. A wired connection should always be faster than a wireless connection.

  4. Shut-down all other programs and just run the application for your video call/conference. This will allow the computer to dedicate all resources to the video call/conference.

  5. Wear solid colors, limit your movement and have good lighting (but not a direct light source).

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