Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drive Enclosures and Docking Kits: Disaster Recovery Tools

Many people have heard of, if not utilize, online backups. These services charge a monthly or yearly fee, allowing users to upload information to servers online. When you are online, the backup process makes sure that valuable and critical information is backed up to a remote server. It seems to work well, however, will it work for true emergencies.

Living in Florida, I have seen power outages that can last for weeks, during hurricane season. Storms in the northern regions can also knock out power and communications. In other emergencies, internet communication, phones, and wireless communications can become clogged and unusable. These situations can separate you and your essential backups for the duration of an emergency. This should not be an option.

MANHATTAN offers a wide line of Hard Drive Enclosures, Docking Kits, and Drive Adapters that can allow you to backup your drives quickly and keep them on hand. I keep my essential files and computer back ups in a fire safe. I am able to quickly grab them and go, if I have to evacuate. They are relatively safe from fire and storm damage as well. I can’t imagine being without power, or on emergency power with no online access, realizing that I needed to get files that I no longer had on my hard drive.

If something goes wrong, you do not have to rely on having connectivity to get access to needed files. Drive Enclosures, Adapters, and Docking Kits also have the benefit of being fast to back up and have more versatility for drive recovery than online backups. If a hard drive has too many viruses or malware to safely boot, having a quick and convenient external connection can make recovery of the drive fast and easy.

MANHATTAN hopes that no one has to worry about what to do during a disaster, but does not hurt to be ready. MANHATTAN can provide the tools that can be a useful part of your disaster planning. Our product line can be an intricate part of your disaster plan, without reliance on outside companies and connections.