Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breathing Life into Unused Hard Drives

Techs and home users are starting to find that they have a growing number of hard drives that have been removed from older systems. These discarded drives can provide a great amount of usable storage. They are virtually immune from hacker attacks, because they are not attached regularly to the system. They are less prone to loss and damage than USB memory sticks and memory cards. Manhattan provides many options to breathe life into these storage devices.
Drive Enclosures:

Most people are familiar with drive enclosures. You mount the drive into the enclosure and the enclosure connects to the system through a USB, FireWire, eSATA connections, and some have more than one connection type. They are cost efficient, the enclosure protects the hard drive, and they are easy to transport. Drive enclosures commonly fit 3.5 and 2.5 inch form factors and they can be found for older IDE drives as well as SATA drives. The only downside to enclosures is that the drives cannot be quickly swapped out (when compared to Docking Kits and Adapters) and some may require additional power connections.

Docking Kits:

For SATA drives, docking kits are becoming more popular. Like the enclosures, they connect to the computer using USB and eSATA connections (very few use FireWire). Since SATA connections are with specific layouts, they are easily docked and undocked. They can be swapped out in seconds and are great for people with multiple unused drives. Docking kits can add additional features such as card readers and USB hubs. The MANHATTAN Quick Clone Dock has software that allows for one drive to be cloned or copied to another drive, with the touch of a button. There are a variety of styles and functions to choose from and finding one that fits specific needs is not difficult. The only downside is that they do not provide support for older IDE drives.

External Drive Adapters:

Field techs and home users with IDE drives (or who rarely use their old drives) Manhattan offers a range of cables that allow for external connectivity to drives. They can connect to IDE and SATA drives of various sizes and connect to the system through USB or eSATA. Cables are more portable and easier to store than docking kits or drive enclosures. Some cables provide for a backup software feature and some will provide connections to SATA and IDE drives so they can be used at the same time. Converters are used to change between 3.5 and 2.5 inch IDE connections. The downside to these devices is that there is no protection for the drive. Since these are not normally used as a long term connection, it is rarely an issue.

No matter what method is used, old hard drives can provide secure data backups. They are simple to use and can provide much needed storage.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Solar Power Pack: Keeping You in Power

The world is going mobile and handheld portable devices are becoming common place. Cell phones, mp3 players, portable video players, and hand held game systems have found their way into the mass market. The downside is keeping them all charged and ready for use. MANHATTAN has found a way to simplify your power needs.

MANHATTAN’s Solar Power Pack (180139) offers people a variety of different charging options and utilizes solar power to provide versatility. While it can be charged through a traditional USB port, the solar panel also charges the lithium-ion batteries when there is no USB connection available. People that rely on the convenience of portable devices will enjoy the freedom of charging from anywhere.

It comes with an assortment of power cables and convertible DC tips and is able to charge MP3 players, digital cameras, PDA’s, smart phones, and cell phones (including iPhones and iPods). All of this fits in an attractive carry pouch, which can fit in a pocket, purse, notebook bag, or other convenient storage locations for travel. The Solar Power Pack helps keep a fresh power supply ready for emergencies or even daily use and is a perfect accessory for people that are “on the go.”

Keeping track of chargers is always a pain and forgetting them can leave you out of touch with colleagues and family. Having the Solar Power Pack is a way of making sure that you do not loose touch, even when power is not readily available. Practical and portable best describe this product. Bright LED indicators let you know how much charge is available and lets you know to connect it to charge or just leave it in the sun.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Comparison Test Names MANHATTAN Acoustic Series Speaker System "Best Quality" Winner

MANHATTAN, a leading global provider of personal computer components, peripherals, cables and accessories, and its 2850 Acoustic Series Bookshelf Speaker System were named “Best Quality” winner in a stereo speaker comparison test recently conducted by PC Format magazine. Reviewers from PC Format recognized the MANHATTAN 2850 Acoustic Series Bookshelf Speaker System for its “high quality, perfect volume and very good frequency response."

Ideal for PC-based gaming, music and other multimedia entertainment, the system’s robust two-way configuration with large 4-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters, active crossovers and front-firing ports deliver rich, powerful sound. Well-built, solid cabinets with a cherry woodgrain finish are crafted from vibra
tion-damping and sonically dense MDF to help resonate full bass and wide frequency ranges for superb audio. The MANHATTAN Acoustic Series features circuitry and other special details usually only found on home entertainment speakers and includes two other models including a Bluetooth unit with a modern black-and-white, piano gloss finish.

MANHATTAN is a leading global provider of single-source personal computing solutions protected with a lifetime warranty for work, home and mobile venues. For our full line of speakers including USB, mobile and Bluetooth models and audio accessories, visit http://www.manhattan-products.com.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Laptop Risk: Toasted Skin Syndrome

People that work with laptops have probably experienced "Hot Leg." A condition where legs, thighs, or lap gets uncomfortably hot while using a laptop resting on the user's legs. The term is often used as a joke, but Swiss researchers, Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin, released the results of a study done on the effects of the heat generated by laptops and it is no laughing matter.

The condition, erythema ab igne, is being called "Toasted Skin Syndrome." The skin exposed to prolonged and excessive heat can cause a condition that can leave lesions on the legs. It is usually harmless but can cause permanent skin darkening. In very rare cases, the heat can damage cells and possibly lead to some forms of skin cancer.

The number of "Toasted Skin Syndrome" cases are growing, in part because of the growth of the laptop market and because doctors are starting to learn what to look for. The issue is serious as more young people are starting to use laptops. Children have more sensitive skin and are spending more and more time on the computers. A 12-year-old boy developed a sponge-patterned skin discoloration on his left thigh after playing computer games a few hours every day for several months.Since 2005 there have been 10 laptop-related cases of erythema ab igne reported in medical journals.

Fact: In 2010 Sony recalled over 500,000 F and C series Visio laptops, due to heating issues that could have resulted in injury.

Fact: Mild-to-moderate heat between 109.4 to116.6 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to cause burns. However, 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to cause toasted skin syndrome.

Fact: Laptop temperatures can reach 90 -102 degrees Celsius (194 - 215 degrees Fahrenheit)

Protect yourself and add comfort
Prevent Toasted Skin Syndrome
MANHATTAN has always tried to find ways to improve user's comfort and our Notebook Lap Desk. It protects users from the heat of the laptop, adds comfort, and can be used as a notebook carrier.

MANHATTAN urges all laptop users to protect themselves from the dangers of heat related injuries.
Convenient storage and carrier