Friday, July 23, 2010

Giving More to the Net Book

Net books provide a great source of mobility, but can be severely limiting when the user is not needing the convenience of mobility. Their low cost and small size makes them more desirable for consumers, but the limitations are often the source of later “Buyer’s Remorse.” This regret is related to the net book’s biggest strength and that is size. Net books are very small units. This is excellent for a mobile user, but is not as good when the user is using it in other settings.

The size of the display is typically very small, often no more than 10” display. The keyboard layout is difficult for many people, especially those of us with large hands, to use comfortably. They often only have little more than 4 USB ports, a power port, VGA out and an audio in/out port. In many cases, they lack CD drives as well. This makes them very limited tools to someone that is not always mobile. There are ways to avoid the buyer remorse with the aid of a few USB add-ons.

USB Hubs
These great cost effective devices add to the USB connectivity of the net book. There is a wide variety of these available and selecting the one you need is not difficult. You will want to get a hub that can provide additional power to the ports. This is accomplished by adding a power adapter to the hub. Make sure that your hub at least has a power adapter port, even if it does not come with a power adapter. You can use adjustable power supplies to add power to the hub, if needed. Size is a matter of preference, but if you intend to use it while you travel, smaller is better.

USB to Video Adapters
Some net book systems do not include a VGA or video port. Due to the net book’s small size, eye strain occurs when trying to do a great deal of reading on the small display. This is easily remedied by using a USB to Video Adapter. These devices install a USB video card to the computer and allow a secondary display to be attached. This is good for times when a full screen display is available.

Keyboards and Mice
Many of the smaller keyboards are not ‘fat finger friendly’ and people spend a great deal of time trying to get used to them, or fixing typo’s. When the net book is stationary, there is no reason not to use a USB keyboard to allow more typing comfort. The small track pad is not always the most convenient pointing device either. Consider instead, a wireless travel mouse. This allows you to take a mouse with you so you can use it, rather than the track pad.

Other USB Adapters
Not everyone is using a net book as a simple internet access tool. Some network professionals are wanting to relieve themselves of cumbersome laptops, but cannot because they need the Serial port. Using USB has a variety of adapters that can fill most of the needs that previous connections had. USB to Serial Adapters, USB to Printer Adapters, USB to RS485 Adapters and more are available. A couple adapter cables can replace the extra weight and bulk of more traditional laptops.

Some consumers have started to frown on the net book release. A little planning can turn the little net book into something much more versatile. Manhattan can help you find the solutions that you need to make your net book live up to its potential.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MANHATTAN Privacy Filters Help Keep Computing Safe

According to Javelin Strategy and Research and US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, almost 10 million Americans learned in 2008 that they were identity fraud victims and 2.7 million households experienced personal information compromises that cost an average of $1,600. Cyber crime affects businesses too. Computer-related theft occurrences can cost a company $10,000 or more and keep IT systems down longer than 24 hours.

What can be done to deter identity theft, prevent unintended data disclosure and protect browsing privacy? MANHATTAN Privacy Filters can help provide a simple, inexpensive first-line defense against “shoulder surfers” in cafés, airplane cabins, busy offices and other open, unsecured work settings. By narrowing the field of view to approximately 45° from the display center, MANHATTAN Privacy Filters effectively discourage glances from curious onlookers and potential cyber thieves.

Restricting visibility to only persons with direct display views, MANHATTAN Privacy Filters can also help meet data disclosure regulations in the U.S. and Canada including the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Federal Information Security Act (FISMA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

MANHATTAN Privacy Filters also help to decrease eyestrain, glare and annoying reflections without distorting or obscuring images. Available in 9 popular sizes, the frameless design easily attaches with a multi-option mounting kit to most desktop displays and notebook computers. Once installed, MANHATTAN Privacy Filters protect vulnerable LCD surfaces from scratches and minor damage and remain securely in place when notebook computers are closed for safer, more secure use almost anywhere. MANHATTAN Privacy Filters offer the same performance, a superior warranty and a better value when compared with other more expensive brands of privacy filters and screens.

MANHATTAN is a leading global provider of single-source personal computing solutions protected with a lifetime warranty for work, home and mobile venues. For our full line of mobile accessories and desktop organization products including privacy filters and other PC security products, visit

Monday, July 19, 2010

New MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Cooling Stands Elevate Comfort and Productivity

MANHATTAN, a leading global provider of personal computer components, peripherals, cables and accessories, adds two new USB MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Cooling Stands that bring portable overheating protection to mobile computing. These new MANHATTAN Notebook Computer Cooling Stands securely hold and place a notebook computer up to 17” at a proper, relaxed level that helps reduce neck and eye fatigue while saving valuable work space. Model 190039 features 6 adjustable tilt levels and a sliding document holder to attach pages and clippings for quick reference when transcribing. Its integrated and detachable Hi-Speed USB 4-port hub can connect a full-sized keyboard, mouse and more USB peripherals. Model 190046 includes an extra USB port that expands USB connectivity.

Equipped w
ith powerful but quiet and efficient fans, operating temperatures are kept within safe ranges for longer life and improved performance. Ideal alternatives to cumbersome docking stations and port replicators, the full-size platforms allow easy access to built-in CD/DVD drives, card slots and ports to maintain high levels of productivity for most tasks and users almost anywhere.

MANHATTAN is a leading global provider of single-source personal computing solutions protected with a lifetime warranty for work, home and mobile venues. For our full line of mobile accessories and desktop organization products including notebook computer cooling stands and pads, visit

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MANHATTAN Digital Photo Mouse Puts On Desktop Slideshow

MANHATTAN recently introduced a new and unique Digital Photo Mouse to its extensive range of personal computing products. With a built-in, full-color 1.5” LCD and 8 MB onboard memory, the MANHATTAN Digital Photo Mouse can store, display and personalize workspaces with more than 100 family, holiday, vacation, pet and other favorite images. An included software tool and on-screen menu help to easily select slideshow or manual display settings, load and change JPGs and manage other preferences.

Its fully capable and accurate optical 800 dpi sensor with 3 buttons and scroll wheel is ideal for accomplishing daily computing needs. USB Plug and Play installation and compatibility with Windows XP/Vista/7 offer quick and easy operation. With no mechanical or rolling parts to wear or fail, the MANHATTAN Digital Photo Mouse requires little maintenance to maintain stable performance.

MANHATTAN is a leading global provider of single-source personal computing solutions protected with a lifetime warranty for work, home and mobile venues. For our full line of Mice for desktop, notebook and netbook computers, visit